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2021年4月24日 : I made a homepage.


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2021年3月23日 : Battle Dragon Nada Kakogawa Upstream Waterfall
My countryside Scenery of the Battle Ryūnada in the upper reaches of the Kako River in Hyogo Prefecture

My homepage is here

2021March 16, 2010 : Koichi Fujii's Self-Introduction
Introduce yourself.

I'm Fujii from Utopia Soken Co., Ltd. I'm trying video marketing now.

I don't care if I make a mistake or get stuck, I want to continue my challenge without inging perfectionism.

By all means, you're talking a lot! Try laughing.

2021年3月14日 : My Mission
My Mission

I'm an expert in making company cash without having to make sales.
I support managers who are worried about the urgent need for funding for companies and shops that are unders paying off due to the Corona recession to create cash for your company in a way that is appropriate for your company from 100 different cost reduction measures. We are looking forward to receiving feedback from managers who are worried that they need to raise funds but cannot improve their funding because of the problem of the start money and the initial expenditure.

My Mission

2021On January 17. : Coronavirus is a spiritual possession phenomenon How to cure
Viral infection is a kind of possession phenomenon

In Takashi Okawa's latest work "Secret Law", there is a hint for repelling coronavirus.

Secret Law page 99

Because it is the same as possession, if you create conditions that are not possessed, even if you want to possess,They are no longer possessed,It will be a new one.

By having the right faith and leading to the right spirit, we can erase the disease. (Secret Law, page 76)

Page 136
Live a regular life and train your body, intellect, reason, and will.
It is also important to take occasional rest.

243 Page
When the afterlight comes out, the malignant virus separates.

Religious enlightenment cures illness.
By regularly studying and practicing religiously, such as listening to president Takashi Okawa's seminars and receiving prayers and prayers at the branch of the science of happiness, the mind becomes transparent like a mirror, and you will be able to have the power to spring evil spirits.

Corona Repelling Prayer Song "THE THUNDER"

Unsei Buddha Spirit Repelling Prayer Song

If you click on the URL, there is a commentary, so you can listen to music by clicking on youtube. Please ask me what kind of song it is. You can buy it from a branch of the science of happiness or even on Amazon.

We recommend that you make a small sound on the CD player, press the repeat button and listen to it in background music.

The domestic cat which had been weakened by illness became energetic. I heard a friend's experience. Of course, human beings also become energetic.
The corona is no longer scary.

Case study cured by praying for coronavirus repelling from China 240 pages

There is a case that the relative in the United States (the person who is not a believer) in the United States contracted the corona, put out the high fever, and was hospitalized, but if the corona repelling prayer was a seisha of the science of happiness in Japan, it healed and it left the hospital.

As you come to the branches and seisha of the science of happiness, listen to good news and videos of President Okawa's seminars, and ask the branch president what to do to eliminate your feelings and fears about corona.

I'm sure you'll be well and your fear of corona will be gone. You can also tell me how to fight off.