To 30 people who are troubled by the effects of consumption tax hikes and coronavirus.

Recently, especially, it is
I think it's getting harder.

Even if you learn various ways to attract customers
It's not effective at all.
Some people think the industry as a whole is sluggish.
I think you will be there.

"It's easier to think of a reversal.?」
The person with a good intuition should think.

"Isn't cost reduction so effective?
That's true…」

Managers who are thought to be
For the manager
I want to deliver some pretty important information this time.
I think.

100 types of cost reduction measures
It is.

100Even if you don't practice all of this, even if it's a species
You can save enough money.

There are only 10 reduction measures to be implemented.
For example...

For example, if the profit margin is 10% on average,

100If you can cut expenses by 10,000 yen
1,000to the same thing that sold for 10,000 yen
It has come to right.

Out of 100 such cost reduction methods
The 10 most effective ways
1I summarized it in the report of 20000.

The 10 are as follows.
Which one is it that bothers you??

If you are one of these 10 pieces, what you care about
If there is, if you can tell me
We will tell you more information about it.

Press the button below to see which one you care about
Please try to choose.

Because it is market research, I will give it free of charge
As a reference for the construction of our important handling products in the future
I would like to let you.

So, which one do you care about with peace of mind?
I would be happy if you could tell me.

Receive a free cost reduction report
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What's the most troubled thing?
Contents you want to consult, etc.

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Hello! Fujii is an expert who makes cash for the company without making sales.

I would like to ask managers who are worried that sales are going down due to the corona and recession, and that there is an urgent need for funding.

着手金が一切不要で、電気やガス、その他の10 0種類以上の経費の削減などを用いて、御社にキャッシュを生み出すサ ポートをしています。

If you need funds, but you are worried that the start money and the first payment will not recover because of the neck, please contact us.

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